Sparrow Job Board

Full-stack developer (.NET/Azure)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Location: Remote Canada (Current team is in Calgary and Edmonton)

We're looking for developers to help bring new functionality to life from the database to the user interface on the Microsoft stack! We're using React, Cosmos, SQL, and more!

As a member of the product team, you'll be helping transform internal communications at companies, making people feel more engaged and be better informed. You'll have input on features and where we're going.


Sparrow’s a real silicon-valley funded product company based in Alberta. We’re looking for developer to join our product team and help us deliver on more of our roadmap faster as we take the world by storm. Every day, Sparrow helps our customers get the right information to the right employees across many distribution channels. Connected and informed employees are more productive, more engaged and happier. We believe everyone should feel that way.

At Sparrow, we are a passionate tribe with interests that range from anime to Star Trek to Dungeons and Dragons to food, good code, photography, reading… hmm, we may be a bit nerdy, but we don’t apologize for it. Our culture is centered around a few key ideas: health & family first, no blame – we’re one team – so how can we help and being the mentors, we wish we’d had earlier in our careers.

The type of people we’re looking for are the type who enjoy owning things, who love learning from others and sharing what they know, and who are highly adaptable. Being a small start-up, there’s lots of opportunity to grow and try things out.

Your Cover Letter
Please submit a cover letter and let us know about you, what you enjoy and are passionate about. We'd like a glimpse into who you are and what you're after.

Position Overview

You will be a key member of the product development team and working with our designer, backend developers, and fellow UI developers to make a frictionless, highly engaging experience.

Also, you will be doing one or more of the following (let us know if you're an across the stack or have a strong preference)
  • Designing and Implementing endpoints/services to enable features across our entire platform
  • Designing and Implementing changes to our Cosmos and other databases
  • Designing and Implementing changes to our React interfaces
  • Designing and Implementing changes to our endpoints (micro-services)

You will also be
  • Responsible for Pull Request review and participation
  • Working with a fantastic team that believes in supporting each other, sharing what you know and learning from your peers
  • Providing your ideas for enhancements and improvements to our product (we don't just want you for your amazing ability to code)
  • Adding to the team knowledge, culture, and having a positive effect on morale is key
  • Fixing bugs and helping customers when the need arises is a part of dev life
  • Provide expert input and advice in relation to technical design, standards, and best practices.
  • Identifying potential risks and issues.
  • Assist with developing project plans, work plans, schedules, and estimates pertaining to development, solution deployment, and service delivery

Required Skills

Legally able to work for a Canadian company (Permanent resident, citizen, open visa)
4+ years experience with:
  • Creating Endpoint services (micro-services)
  • Integrating/Connecting to Azure services, including: Cognitive Services, Media Services, Queues, Azure Functions, Service Bus
  • Designing/Enhancing data with Cosmos, SQL, and similar databases
  • Building interfaces in React, including Redux, Redux Saga (asset)
  • Using C# and Typescript (asset)
  • Ability to give and take feedback well
  • Passion for products and start-ups
  • A Quality-centric Mindset
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to bring some order to some chaos
  • Strong team skills

Education Requirement
Ideally, you have a computer science or software engineering or related degree, but we know degrees don’t mean everything. Any relevant certifications and training courses, are things we want to know about.

Make sure to include a cover letter and tell us something about you. What are your passions? What type of role are you looking for? What is it about Sparrow that has you excited?


$70,000.00 - $110,000.00

Know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!